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Indonesian Studies Center (ISC) at CCNU

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  In order to promote the development of the discipline and country study. Central China Normal University established the Indonesian Studies Center.(ISC).ISC meets the needs of new Chinese foreign policy and international strategy,offers wisdoms for Chinese peaceful development and construction of the 21th Maritime Silk Road, meanwhile, cultivates talents who thoroughly understand Indonesia, and serve economic and social development.  

   ISC is mainly engaged in the following work: first, scientific researches and discipline development, which includes three contents: Sino-Indonesian relations, and the Indonesian politics, economy, society and culture, etc.Indonesians foreign relations; second, provide consultative services and playing as a think tank, including submitting consultation papers of Indonesia projects prescribed by national ministries, providing analysis and prediction of the development and trend about Indonesia for government, offering consulting reports to Chinese companies, groups and institutions which have economic and trade contact with Indonesia; third, promotion of academic and educational exchanges between China and Indonesia, which aims to cultivate high-level experts who are interested in Indonesian issues and Sino-Indonesian relations.  

   ISC publishesBulletin of Indonesia monthly and blue book Report on National Situation of the Republic of Indonesia annually.ISC aims to become a top-notch research center for Indonesian studies in China ,become a think tankand idea bank which serves national foreign decisions and a windowthrough which China can learn about Indonesian politics, economy, society and culture. ISC looks forward to more communication and collaboration with scholars, professionals and institutions in the field.  

   Wei Hong, professor of Institute of Political Science, is the director of ISC. Ke Changqing from Division of international cooperation and exchanges and Song Xiuju from Institute of Political Science are deputy directors.

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